About Me.

Everyday work is here, I do what I love.
A few words about me, if you want to know.

Nemanja Stojanović

In love with words and like to play around with them, it is the result of a lifetime sticking my nose in books. Having been bitten by the word bug, I aim to discover more words, continuing to do what I love the most, writing.

Keen to “buy” freedom with writing. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else than hanging out with the pen. I’m coming from cozy streets of Belgrade, still living 20/44, born and raised here. My dream was to write and have a personal website, where I can share thoughts and some knowledge, experience with others.

I help brands across a wide variety of industries to accomplish their business goals. I’m a content(ed) writer with a unique combination of tourism, journalist, and marketing experience. The main goal for me is to marry stories with sales or organic traffic. Just remember, if you want to sell, first tell the story. As a writing tailor, I inspire imagination and desire for brands and their products. My words inject life into your brand.

But enough about me, how are you? Have you seen my latest work? It’s here