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Are you incorporating a multi-cultural vision in your brands?

If you think your marketing strategy is good, think again. Have you ever heard about multicultural marketing? Well, it’s time to find out. Trust us, it can boost your brand a lot.

If you plan to use a multicultural strategy, there are things you need to understand. Tradition, beliefs, and languages. Each person has it. The main goal of the multicultural strategy is to use all of them, to improve communication and engagement with your audience.

Through this article, you will get all the necessary information.

  • Why multicultural strategy is important?
  • What are the keys to a successful strategy?
  • Best ways to create a strategy?
  • The most successful examples around the world.
  1. Why multicultural strategy is important?

The biggest advantage is that you can reach a new group, besides the mainstream audience. The multicultural strategy allows you to connect with a specific community, based on their cultural patterns. It can positively affect your conversion.

Today, the advertising world is tricky. Each day, people are trying to figure out and find a new target group or subculture. Why do we write about this? Here are some interesting facts and insights.

A report by ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) in 2019, shows us that almost 40% of the USA population are multicultural customers. Believe us, it’s not the best thing. Only 5.2% of the total advertising spends is directed toward them. It sounds incredible, right.

It is clear, that companies and brands are missing a huge opportunity for extra income. The fastest-growing multicultural consumers in the USA are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans. Probably all your consumers speak English, but we all like when we meet a new person, who knows something about our culture or a couple of words of our language. It’s the same in marketing. Yes, all of them will understand the message. Still, they will be grateful if you communicate in their language.

Here are more facts about subcultures. Let’s start with Hispanics.

There are 3 niches, where Hispanics are spending more than Americans. The first one is the food industry. They are spending around $120 billion per year! Fun fact, more than 90% of them still grab their food offline. Less than 10% are using popular apps.

The second niche is clothing and shoes. We all love to shop. Hispanics are not the exception. Around 44% of them buy their clothes online. You can see that offline purchase has a slight edge, with 56%. They spend about $33.9 billion annually.

Phone service is the third one. For this, they are spending $23.2 billion per year. This trend is not going to end soon. Almost 40% of them are already planning to buy a new smartphone next year. It doesn’t matter, that they already have a new one.

Now you understand how things are going with Hispanics. Let’s take a look situation among African Americans. The African American spending power is stunning. They make only 14% of the USA population. Still, some niches for them are more interesting.

The first category, where they spend a lot of money is ethnic hair and beauty. In 2017, African Americans spent 85.65% of the total market. It still grows.

The second category. Tech and gaming. The gaming industry currently value is around $60.4 billion. African Americans are part of this world, contributing $1.7 billion. Almost 90% of African Americans have a smartphone. In this group, 73% over 13 years old are devoted gamers.

The final and third category is soul food and baby food. This is the dominant segment among them. Especially soul food. They also spend more money than others do, when we talk about baby food.

Do you know about Proctor & Gamble? This company is the biggest advertiser in the African American community. This group cares more about food safety. Like Hispanics, African Americans are the group for smart brands. Brands want to increase their market share. For that, you need a good strategy.

2. What are the keys to a successful strategy?

People like to explore and learn about new cultures. They also like brands who stand and show fulfill their needs. If a brand shows respect and a high level of knowledge about their food, habits, and way of life, they will certainly encourage others to buy or use something.

  • Respect

Understanding. If you don’t get to know your target group, your strategy will not work.   You don’t need to make a spectacle. It’s not the point. Simplicity with empathy is what you want. It can’t be done without deep research. Get rid of stereotypes. If you don’t do that, it could be fatal for your business.

Keep this in mind. The best marketing ads want to build empathy. Without product or service.

  • Why them?

Don’t forget this question. You saw in this article about African Americans and Hispanos. They are not the only ones. What about Asian Americans or maybe the Navajo community?

Each of them has something specific. Good for your brand. This question will help you to understand and figure out what they want. If you do it the right way, you can make a long-term commitment. Loyalty is the key.

  • Empower them

Listen to their voices. Multicultural groups probably never had a chance to speak up. Send them a message that you are supporting. Your brand is watching their back.

If they see, that you truly respect them and listen, it will bring many benefits. Still, be aware that it needs to be honest. It can easily go in another direction. Crucial is knowledge. We all have many similarities, but also differences.

3. Best ways to create a strategy?

Analyze data.

It’s hard to understand their spending habits, without this. On the other hand, it does not mean you know everything. It helps you get valid information. Such as the time of spending their money or which product is their favorite.

Data is only the foundation of your strategy. We will leave in the 21st century, but machines still can’t understand human differences and heritage.

Different places.

The best way is to use A/B tests. In your multicultural marketing strategy, you need to check how people react across the country or world.

You will find out which messages or visuals are better. Products also. It can give you a little bit of a human perspective. There is no better thing for your brand.


It does not matter if you have the best design or product, without a plan it is worthless. One plan can work for Millennials but does not have the same effect on our parents.

Each channel you choose must be related to your target group. Do you remember, what we say earlier? Hispanos buy their food offline, so online methods are not maybe the way to communicate with them. It’s simple. Just listen.

4. The most successful examples around the world.

As you can imagine, some brands already made steps in this arena. Those brands are Titans in their business. So, let’s see some quality examples and campaigns around the globe.

When I see black-Adobe

We all know about Adobe. It’s a tool for creatives. In this campaign, they put a focus on the new generation of Black creators. How they see themselves.

The Talk-P&G

They aim to promote powerful stories about equality. Why we talk especially about this one? Well, this ad is the 2018 Emmy-winning. It’s the best example of multicultural marketing.

Dream Crazy-Nike

If you don’t know about this ad, maybe marketing it’s not for you. What impact this commercial had is unspeakable. You need to watch. The main protagonist is former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

We hope you do understand the meaning and power of multicultural marketing. Now is the perfect time to step in before others. The multicultural market is still mostly untouched. Brands still didn’t recognize how big this market is. So, what are you waiting for?

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