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Increase your blog visibility.

Have you ever thought about writing blogs? Well, I bring you a few tips that will increase your online visibility.

Firstly, you need to write articles with quality keywords. Explore which tool is best for that. Keywords have a big influence on your blog. Secondly, the article’s length depends on the topic. We assure you that longer posts, let’s say 1000+ words have more chances to get noticed. Thirdly, it is always good to follow new trends and topics, a fine way to attract an audience.

Some experts are saying articles with some visual content can bring up to an 80% engagement rate. That is the main reason, why you should use the Meta description for your blog articles.

Do not forget keyword density. Include them in headlines, sub-headings, also in the first paragraph. We mentioned headlines. The importance of headlines has never been higher. This is the first thing, your readers will see. If it is not catchy, no one will read it. Here you can see some examples, don’t afraid to use it. Fast, Best, Easy and Simple, How to, Your guide…etc.

Each article needs to draw attention. Probably, the best thing to use is the APP Formula. APP Formula is the power on your side. It stands for Agree, Promise, and Preview.


Your article has to have something special, and your readers will agree with that. In this way, you are showing that you fully understand the topic.


Solve a problem. It’s the only manner, how to bring them back.


Here you will show to all of them, how you resolved an existing problem.

When you start a paragraph, use some of these phrases; when it comes to, you might wonder, However, On the other hand…etc. Avoid writing just to fill the blank paper. Every post must have a personal signature. It’s completely ok to explore other articles, bloggers, and writers. See how they write, you can learn a lot from them. Your audience is in the first place. Ambition is to become a content writer/copywriter with credibility.

Write short paragraphs, no more than 3-5 sentences. Utilizing some outbound links is a nice thing. If you are using some information from other websites, link to the source.

Share buttons and CTA (Call to action) are a great way to get more traffic. When you finish the text, read it and fix errors. See if the things you wrote are useful and relevant.

Be unique, nothing else is better.

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