football manager 2021

Football Manager is here! Are you ready to take your team to glory?

For football fans around the world, November 24 is the most important day. It’s not because football clubs are back on the pitch and the international break is over. New Football Manager 2021 is coming, and it’s just around the corner.

Before we write what FM2021 brings you, keep in mind that you can already order the beta version. Still, if you are planning to wait until November 24 then you will be able to purchase the game on the Epic Store Game platform, also on Steam.

Sports Interactive this year is bringing something new. PC and Mac are well known for playing FM2021. You can also play on a tablet or phone. Apple Store and Google Play Store are places where you can order a game. The new thing is that this year FM2021 is returning to Xbox, after almost a decade.

What are the new features? Most updates are in interaction, match day, and recruitment. During the match, you can communicate with players with non-verbal signals for the first time. One interesting thing is using WhatsApp to send messages to players, and much more match stats. One feature that is brand new in the game is recruitment. Do you need new players? With your backroom team, you can discuss the signings you need ahead of the summer. If some player is your top target, you can speak to his agent about the possible transfer.

FM2021 also has team versions. Leicester and Southampton are teams that have their editions. As we already mentioned clubs, there is one interesting thing in FM2021. It’s related to COVID-19. We don’t need to talk about what the global pandemic did to the world and business. Football is also among the things that suffer consequences. After months of thinking, Sports Interactive company wanted to be even more realistic.

Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive said: “This will be reflected in FM21, as your chosen club’s finances will inevitably be in a worse state than you would normally expect when you start a new save. Something we thought long and hard about was when (and whether) we should let supporters back into FM21’s stadia. We eventually decided that crowds would attend matches from the very start. The revenue this generates will allow clubs to get back onto an even keel sooner and will help with the above-mentioned game financial and transfer systems.”

Following his words, it seems that FM2021 will have more balance than ever before. I think we all know, what to expect from FM2021. The standard edition of Football Manager 2021 you can buy for £35.99 (down from £39.99) in the UK on the other side FM21 Touch costs £21.99.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on the new Football Manager 2021 features? What will be your first team to start an epic road to the Champions League final?

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